OUFA403 Fine Art Practices 1

Within this module, I initially developed material responses through an investigation triggered by the starting point of this module. In a response to the idea about the many elements that make up an environment/landscape, I collect multiple objects from around the city. These objects allowed me to respond through a variety of approaches, including charcoal, paint, pen, transforming away from this initial starting point. I felt this was a particular weak point of mine, as it was a very abrupt beginning I had too many ideas, rather than slowly piecing together a project plan. By having multiple inductions, I was able to use all facilities to develop my ideas further, including plaster, metal, glass, ceramics, lasercutting, photography, and printing. Throughout this process, I completed my own studio book collating all of my progress from the year: the development of my ideas and the material outcome from my inductions. Here, I reflected on my take on certain inductions, artists and gallery visits. Additionally, we were introducted to critical analysis through critiques and seminars, allowing me not only to grow in confidence when speaking about my own art, but also about others.

I feel that through the multiple inductions that my strongest aspect of this module was my utility of materials and processes. Initially beginning with simply Adobe Photoshop and photography, I found myself limited and intriguied in a more physical approach to my Fine Art Practice. I transformed my ideas from two-dimensional to three-dimensional after the clay workshop, where I made small, delicate, distorted and darkly glazed sculptures. In the achievement of gaining this sense of ‘hands on’ work, I explored my concepts further through pinhole photography. Finally, after my print induction, I was able to etch lines and patterns. So overall, I would say my key strengths would be the confidence gained from being inducted in all the facilities, and my key weakness in this module is probably how I begin my projects. However this can be improved from a more methodical approach to a starting point, rather than over-complicating it with multiple ideas.


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