300.pngFlash Art is a contemporary art magazine, described as ‘the confident, international journal of European and North American contemporary art’. The journal features perspectives on American art however viewed from a European perspective, expanding and merging their position within the art world culturally and linguistically. They stand as an international magazine, as they draw attention to current increasing global issues within art. The New York City art scene; bringing significant figures of the Transvantgarde to public attention, shifting from more local issues, as they originally covered Arte Povera artists, focusing on Italy. Thus they endorse popular culture, as now it covers interviews with young and promising artists.


artforum.jpgArt Forum is an international magazine, which features contemporary art, guiding readers through 21st-century art criticism and culture. The magazine focuses on the engagement with current events, tying together close relations with the local New York people. It offers a glimpse into the mechanics behind the art world, intriguing viewers internationally, as it takes its viewers through the often-inscrutable world of art criticism and offers perspectives on a variety of culture.

MODERN PAINTERS Painters acts a global source of observing contemporary art and culture. It features a variety of contemporary art, such as film, dance, architecture and design, thus increasing numbers of viewers as it offers multiple interests within art culture. This magazine differs from others, as its viewers are both already in the art world and those who are aim to go into it. Further, it addresses and defines current trends within contemporary art, thus taking their magazine international as they pin point the key trends, allowing clear understanding to their readers.


33f5649b670bc16fb7d9524c7b350d11.jpgArtReview renown’s itself as a social networking site for the art world. The magazine dedicates itself to expanding contemporary art’s audience and reach, fixating on an international position in the art world. The journal does this by creating a forum for discussion and debate, enhancing its numbers of viewers, as it takes open reviews, allowing readers to contribute and discuss key factors. It additionally features a guide to the 100 most powerful figures in contemporary art, taking a global position in the art world. Further, it launched another publication, ArtReview Asia, covering contemporary art worldwide from an Asian perspective.


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