OUFA408 – Fine Art Practices 2

STUDIO WORKSHOPS  (27th September – 21st November)

During this module, I was introduced to collaborative artistic practice through weekly sessions where I worked with groups to produce a certain piece of art. We combined ideologically and practically to create these pieces. These practical experiences of collaboration informed my choice for the next stage, writing an academic essay about a collaborative group/duo, in which I chose Sue Webster and Tim Noble. The duo collaboratively create sculptures, which when a light shines upon, reveals silhouette portraits of the artists. Together, their artwork reflects how they physically and mentally create their pieces.

The Mixtape project prompted me to think about the idea of creating a unified expression from multiple people. Our project was to present a collection or compilation of creative works, so collaboratively we discussed ideas and by doing this we agreed upon a unified idea, creating a network of support and exchange. We created a video reel, where we videoed individuals reading out loud something that contrasted completely to their accent. Each of us had different interpretations for the project, thus each video had its own individual nature, yet together they each followed the same physical format. This prompted me to think about Tim Noble and Sue Webster, as the duo had to physically collaborate in order to build their meticulous sculptures. They worked on the sculptures at the same time, joining their two minds, just as we did as a group. Seeing through a collective eye rather than individual allows one to create a unified expression, using each other’s individual skills to create one piece of artwork. I particularly was lead to this duo from this project as I became intrigued in analysing the difference between working collectively as a group, and as a pair.

Additionally, the Manifesto project, where as a group we had to collaborate and create a physical manifesto. As a group we discussed recent and significant changes made to our lives, and which at the time there was the US election. Collectively we all decided upon the same president we supported, unifying our concerns. Our manifesto was a speech, which we wrote together, however we would each read out a sentence each speaking louder and louder, to resonate the idea of revolution and unified support. Similarly Tim Noble and Sue Webster create symbols of their shared ideologies and beliefs, directly attacking the waste of society and vulgarity of consumerism, as they collected road kill and rubbish along the street to create their sculptures. Together they gain a confidence and motivation to counteract this issue, which is how as a group we felt, as together we shared the same opinion.

To conclude, after experimenting physically and mentally with collaboration, I have discovered how the collective pieces have a stronger sense of confidence and of faith. Collaboration causes an artwork to become a symbol of multiple people upon a unified view, reflecting our own culture and society, rather than just an individuals opinion. These artists additionally aided my own fine art project, practically and ideologically. These activities increased my strength in ability to research, analyse and contextualise information, and I found myself confident in absorbing myself in one core idea and interest.

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