Action Plan for Level 5

To conclude my blog, this is my action plan for Level 5. For me, my greatest weakness is organising my ideas, as too often I overcomplicate my project with multiple ideas to the stage that it becomes incomprehensible. To improve this, I need to dedicate a single time to research and sit down with my ideas and organise them myself to collaborate them or just choose one, rather than trying to merge multiple aspects all together.

In terms of preparing for Level 5, I will need to read and think over ideas over the next few months, looking at artists who share a similar interest and practice as me. This is so I am able to welcome Level 5’s independence with a clear idea of what idea I want to come in and investigate and develop.

In terms of research, I need to think about a couple of things. Practically I would like to begin thinking about other methods of using class, perhaps more scuplturally methods of using it. However with using glass, I will additionally need to be thinking of scale, if the pieces exist as one off individual or if they are part of a larger installation stucture – I need to think about installation issues and find ways of presenting the work using techniques which do not interfere with the visual qualities that I worked hard to achieve. I would also like to develop my ideas through research, particularly reading more into ideas of space, looking possibily at phenomenology, reading the essay Eye and Mind by Merleau Ponty and Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, and additionally pyschogeography. Moreover, I will research into the history of mirrors to develop my ideas on reflective surfaces.


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