OUFA402 – Personal and Professional Practice 1

This module brought my fine art practice to a state of self-realisation. Through it I was able to find a focus to develop my own practice but also I learnt the basics in learning the essentials of becoming a professional. There were two key aspects to this module: a blog, and a video.

The video was a 90 second piece where I explored my role as a practitioner, and how I developed my own ideas physically and ideologically. This made me strong and confident the position I am currently in my practice, as I had a voiceover covering the entire video, I was anxious for the presentation of it, however after I completed this video, I felt certain about my concepts and practice.

VIDEO LINK: https://vimeo.com/217188045

The blog additionally was a successful and useful project, as it gave me a strong sense of self-reflection, allowing me now assess my own position within modules and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, I felt it allowed me to establish gaps within my own knowledge about my current practice, allowing me to create plans and improvements for my second year, thus making me feel more confident and professional in my own practice. I was able to identify my achievements within my first year, but also where I needed to improve. Further, I gained an awareness the workings within creative industries and cultural environments, and through this and investigating my own work, I feel I have grown in strength in terms of communicating my artwork and also critiquing and assessing artwork in general.


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