Level 4 Exhibition and Your Role

For the end of Level 4, I was assigned a specific role in preparation for the Level 4 exhibition, I was in Marketing. For this exercise, I played a key role in designing posters, so individually we entered different ideas and visual possibilities for our official poster, however collaboratively we made decisions and changes to this poster, deciding what to be featured and also the professional outlook of it. Additionally, we were in charge of social media; we created an Instagram and Facebook page, where we posted updates, photos and details of the exhibition as it was being set up throughout the week, in order to gain attention and also visitors. Similarly we created a ‘hashtag’ in order to have a trend on instagram. This was done collaboratively in order to have a strong impact and outcome on social media. However we did have to overcome issues, as in terms of marketing that we were not able to announce the dates or the location of the exhibition until it was confirmed, as there was an issue with our venue so we had to move it. Yet we overcame this and had a vast number of visitors both on the opening night, and throughout the next couple of days.

The exhibition as a whole was huge success, as the presentation was immaculate. With large sculptures placed in accordance to not block smaller pieces, louder sound pieces separated from each other, and pieces that needed to be placed on the ground kept in a more secluded area in order to not be trodden on. My own artwork was a piece that needed to be placed on the ground, for since it was made from glass, it caused a few complications in transporting it and additionally curating it in the space. However we overcame these issues and was leant on a wall next to a corner, keeping in line with health and saftey. However if I do continue to use glass, I need to think more about how to overcome the issue of glass’ fragility in terms of exhibitions and presenting it.

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